Tomato Market Report April 8, 2015

Tomato Market:

The tomato market is mixed. Florida is gapping slightly as they are feeling the results of the bloom drop caused by frigid temperatures in late February.  Mexico production is increasing after the short labor of the holiday weekend, and the market is strong south of the border. Grape tomato supply is dipping as growers in the Sinaloa area are pulling the plug on product that received heavy rain; the quality was too challenging to overcome. Grapes from further north did not receive as much rain so quality is still good, but with less product to go around, the market has gained significant strength.

Organics: Production continues to increase from Mexico, and pricing is fairly stable. Organic grape tomatoes also dipped in supply and market is rising there as well.

Heirlooms: Feast or famine again on heirlooms. Deals from a few different sources proved to be riddled with poor quality so buyer-beware. There is good quality out there, but supply is limited and price is elevated for the time being.