Colo-Pac Produce is, and always
has been, committed to providing
the safest produce possible .


In 2004, Colo-Pac obtained an A.I.B. “Superior” rating, making us one of the food safety leaders in our industry, and we’ve maintained that exceptional rating ever since. Colo-Pac is also at the forefront of SQF certification for our industry (SQF Certificate). Clearly, food safety and quality isn’t something we take lightly. We are constantly going above and beyond to assure customer satisfaction:

  • Colo-Pac became certified to repack Organics in 2005 (Organic Certificate).
  • We repack to customer specifications and have been doing so for over 85 years.
  • We “follow the sun”, insuring that our customers get the freshest and best tasting produce available.
  • We are Country of Origin (C.O.O.L.) compliant.
  • We are Produce Traceability Initiative (P.T.I.) compliant through milestone #7!
  • We utilize UPC, PLU double stack and GTIN bar-coding to track and monitor our produce at every stage of processing.
  • With 4 generations worth of relationships and contacts, we have the farm fresh produce you want, even when supplies are low.

Social Accountability

Colo-Pac is an SA8000 certified vendor, we are committed to the standards and mission within the SA8000 system. The SA8000 was developed by Social Accountability International. SAI is a global multi-stakeholder, standard-setting organization whose mission is to advance the human rights of workers around the world. SAI works to protect the integrity of those workers by building local capacity and developing systems of accountability through socially responsible standards.











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