Tomato Market Report December 4th, 2014

Tomato Market:
While the market remains elevated this week, we believe relief is in sight. Conditions in Florida have improved and supply should be on the rise moving into next week. Mexico mature green growers are reportedly poised to start shipping mid-to-late next week. All tomato varieties should increase in supply through the month of December, and the market will gradually come down. Of course, we are keeping an eye on weather patterns as December and January freezes in the growing regions remain a possibility.

Mature greens: Production should increase from Florida, and Mexico is going to start in the next week. Quality from Florida is good, but color for the last week is mostly green.
Vine-ripe: Slower production than expected and vine-ripes have been priced at a significant premium.

Roma supply is currently increasing. It hasn’t outpaced demand, but the situation is improving.
Grapes and Cherries:
Grape tomato supply is slowly increasing. Quality is hit or miss, but good overall. We’ll see a lot of larger sizing with new-crop production for the next few weeks.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:
Mexico production is increasing.

Organic tomatoes continue to be a challenge, but production will increase through the month of December as growers from Mexico begin their season.

Heirlooms remain very light in supply, a few pallets here or there but even when they show up still are a challenge logistically to move to Denver.