Tomato Market Report: December 17th

Tomato Market:
Supply is finally improving on most fronts for the tomato market. Romas are coming into regular supply from Mexico, and rounds are gaining ground in both Mexico and Florida. Grapes and Cherries are also picking up and availability has improved significantly. Pricing should continue to come down for the next week or so.

Mature greens: Florida production is traveling south into Immokalee. Quality has been pretty good, and the next areas are supposed to be even better. Mexico growers are starting as well; quality looks very promising as most of the production is happening in protected environments such as shadehouses and greenhouses.
Vine-ripe: Vine-ripes are still trading at a bit of a premium as product with color has not been crossing as of yet, should improve in the next week to ten days.

Roma growers are almost in full production. There are a few hold-outs, but the market is dropping overall.
Grapes and Cherries:
Grape tomatoes are now in good supply, although some specs are tough to hit. Size and sugar content (brix) not quite ideal or consistent, but the picture is improving.
Greenhouse Tomatoes:
Mexico production is increasing and we should see better supplies in the next week to ten days.

Organic supply is increasing, but not keeping up with demand. Availability is still not terrific, and pricing remains elevated overall.
Heirloom supply will increase in the next few weeks, we continue to rotate a few pallets per week, but this will increase as more growers come online from Mexico.

Holiday preparations:
While Christmas is not typically a tomato extravaganza, we will see some increased movement in the snacking and salad tomatoes (grapes and cherries). We’ll have a few extra on hand, but pre-orders are very helpful with any large pulls as logistics can be challenging during these holiday weeks. Colo-Pac Produce will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day.