Tomato Market Report March 25, 2015

Florida: Growers are actually in fairly decent supply, production on rounds is average for this time of year, romas and grapes are slightly short, but still available.

Mexico: Growers seem to have recovered from the rain and hail that swept through many regions about ten to twelve days ago. Quality across the board is generally pretty good, but we’re seeing a lot of fruit arriving very green, indicating new fields have been harvested rather than picking the last of the previous plots. Roma tomatoes were very tough to get a week ago, but supply is edging toward abundant and market has weakened substantially. Grape tomatoes have a split market, with the best quality demanding a premium over weaker fruit.

Organics: Supply has increased, but not as dramatically as the conventional. Organic growers do not have quite as much arsenal in their tool belts to combat rain and the high humidity.

Heirlooms: have been feast or famine – we have not seen one grower this season maintain a steady supply with good quality and consistent color, but luckily have been able to source from many and keep them steady here in Denver.