Tomato Market Report July 8, 2015

The tomato market is mixed this week. Supply trends a bit short of demand and markets are on the rise in Baja, Mexico, Texas, the Eastern states and even California.

Romas are in short supply as cool, cloudy weather in the growing areas of central Mexico slows the plants. Quality of the fruit is also impacted and we are culling heavier amounts of #2 product due to scarring and misshapen fruit.

Grape tomatoes have also been in shorter supply and the quality has been unpredictable.

Green tomatoes gain popularity over the summer, but California growers seem to be shipping a higher color than in recent years and we’re having to ask specifically for green tomatoes, whereas in years past sorting for color would yield enough greens for our needs.

Heirloom supply continues to increase and pricing has been slowly coming down. California growers are pushing extra volume and, promotions are available.