Tomato Market Report: January 14, 2015

Tomato Market:
Tomato supply is strong. Florida and Mexico are producing well and the growing conditions remain favorable.
Mature greens are in good supply from Florida and Mexico. Quality is excellent at the moment and there are promotions available.
Vine-ripes continue to demand a slight premium over the Mature Greens, but we believe this will even out in the next few days. Quality is very good on these as well.

The Roma market is finally coming down to the level of the rounds. Retail promotions seem to have kept inventories from backing up, but now we are seeing availability increasing.

Grapes and Cherries:
Grapes and cherries remain in good supply, and product quality has been exceptional.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:
Production is increasing and supply should continue to improve as we move into February.

Organic supply still has not quite caught up to demand. We should see additional volume in the coming weeks, and market should begin to taper down as this happens.

Heirloom production is increasing, but demand continues to outpace supply and the market remains elevated for the moment.