Tomato Market Report, February 26

Tomato Market:
Lighter supply and a freeze in Florida last week has the tomato market heating up. While the short-term damage is fairly minimal, the temperature drop undoubtedly caused a bloom-drop that will tighten the supply from Florida in the weeks ahead. Growers in Mexico transitioned to new fields and supply consequently dipped. Supply seems to be rebounding, and the higher market is showing some weakness; new fields are yielding bigger fruit and are producing few large and medium tomatoes.

Mature greens gained some strength as far as pricing. The large and medium tomatoes that are lacking in supply should straighten out in another week or two.
Vine-ripes rose in the last week, but mixed quality and surplus from some growers has the market poised to fall back in another few days

Roma quality is inconsistent and pricing rose slightly but will probably drop back down in the next two weeks.

Grapes and Cherries:
Grape tomatoes are holding a slightly elevated market. Quality ranges greatly and supply seems to be improving. Cherries are showing exaggerated ups and downs as this category is not a major item because the grapes are more popular.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:
Greenhouse production was slower in the last couple of weeks. Cloudy, rainy weather is slowing production.

Organic supply finally caught up in the last week, but with rainy weather and light supply forecasted from Florida we may see a spike in the market here as well.

Heirlooms continue to increase in supply. A few greenhouses begin production soon and there seems to be enough to go around for the moment. Quality varies unpredictably from one lot to the next.