Tomato Market Report, April 29, 2015


Tomato Market:

The tomato market is growing long on the supply side, with Florida in good supply, Mexico going strong, and the California Desert (Indio) starting as well. A bit of rain in Mexico took a toll on quality, affecting mostly grape growers, but the fruit seems to have rebounded and we are seeing good product at the moment. We anticipate lower prices and to hold for at least a few weeks, until the bulk of Mexican product transitions to Baja.

Organics: Production overall is pretty stable. Roma and grape production is hampered by the rain in Mexico a few weeks ago, but quality is improving.

Heirlooms: Supply continues to rise and fall – quality is hit or miss, several growers are gearing up for the summer and we should see ample supply and sharper prices this summer, especially when California begins producing in late June or early July.