Tomato Market Report June 6, 2015

Demand is finally picking up as weather improves. The market rose slightly out of Florida, but may or may not hold as local deals, Canada, and California are all starting.

Florida production is transitioning to Quincy.

Production begins in the Southeast in the next few weeks.

Northern California growers will start with mature greens in the next one to two weeks.

Mexico: Central (Obregon) winding down and dealing with heat related issues. Eastern greenhouses are starting, Baja started and increasing in production. Watch for hurricanes in Baja (Blanca), as the storm is predicted to hit many growing areas.

Heirlooms still short in organic supply, but should improve within 2-3 weeks

Summer time items like corn, watermelon, and berries are in stronger demand, and increasing supply.

Colorado growers are delayed a bit due to the cool rainy weather, and having to replant in some cases because of hail damage, but the outlook is improving with warming weather.

California growers are in decent shape for now, but the end of the season may come sooner than previous years due to the lack of water. Next year will be very short supply if rains do not come back in a big way this fall.