Tomato Market Report 7.30.16

Tomato Market is mostly stable, with decent supply from California, Eastern Seaboard, Canada, and Baja Mexico all in production – Not to mention all the ‘local’ tomatoes that are available or just about available. Sluggish demand on the wholesale market driven by the so many options outside of the ‘market’. This is pretty typical moving into August with Farmer’s Markets, back-yard gardens, and the local producers gaining steam.

Round Tomatoes from California have been decent in quality, for field-grown, under the sun tomatoes.

Romas were trading at a premium for a few weeks, but we’re seeing indicators this was caused by some transitions a bit off and it appears that may recede in another week.

Grape and Cherry tomatoes remain in good supply and common varieties are good quality at the moment.

Heirlooms are plentiful, and quality is very good.

We should see stable supply and pricing through September, pending the weather cooperating. We are approaching the active Hurricane season which can take its toll on the supply side.